New Oklahoma Law Makes it Easier to Prosecute Bogus Checks

New Oklahoma Law Makes it Easier to Prosecute Bogus Checks
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Before the new legislation passed shop owners would have to track down customers and take them to small claims court.

“It’s a long process just to get a judgment, and then the judgment may be worthless if you can’t pursue actually getting your money,” says Bob Norman of the District Attorney’s Bogus Check Division.

Norman heads the new Bogus Check Division in the DA’s office. It’s now their job to prosecute people who make bad on their checks. After the first warning he says,

“If they make good on the bogus check that’s the end of it. If they do not within the time frame that we allow then we will end up filing charges on the individual that wrote the check,” states Norman.

The DA’s office commonly covers merchants with revolving charge accounts for their customers that pay off big ticket items month to month.

Businesses like Westco furniture support the change and even have a sticker on their front door warning customers.

The new law not only helps shop owners but now includes landlords like Pritchard, who continues to deal with faulty tenants.

“I think it would be a good thing though because if they’re putting out warrants for them to get the money then as a landlord we don’t have to chase through the courts. So I can definitely see that being a good thing,” says Daniel Pritchard of Pritchard Properties.

Pritchard has recovered over ten thousand dollars in missed payments through small claims court, and no longer allows rent to be paid by check but is now open to the idea

“Because small claims is hard and it is kind of a game to get the money, to follow the laws. It takes a while to do it. So I would have to talk to the DA and see what the process is.”

In Miami, Diane Gerstenfeld KOAM News.