New Newspaper Comes to Carthage

New Newspaper Comes to Carthage

As Paul Donley and his team prepare to ship out the second edition of their new paper, he is reminded of how much he looked up to the “Carthage Press.”

“A daily paper, great operation, strong editing, strong writing,” said Donley, Editor of the “Carthage Chronicle.”

He was shocked when the paper closed, but saw an opportunity to fill the void.

“You have businesses, you have industries, you have a county seat, a court house. As a business opportunity, it’s a great place,” said Donley.

But Donley isn’t the only one who sees a market for a newspaper in Carthage.

“Carthage is too vibrant a community not to have its own source of news,” said John Hacker, former managing editor for the “Carthage Press.”

John Hacker worked as a managing editor for the “Carthage Press” for the past 12 years and he wants to bring back his own local paper to the town.

“I’m working with a Carthage family to start something that’s locally owned and, you know, people who live here and work in Carthage,” explained Hacker.

Hacker has plans to produce the paper well before the end of the year, and acknowledges that this will create some competition.

“We’re gonna do the best we can to do the best job we can to cover Carthage,” said Hacker.

But Donley has a similar goal and questions the sustainability of two papers for the area.

“I want everybody in Carthage to say two things: one, that’s our paper, and two, that if it happened, you have to verify it in the “‘Carthage Chronicle,'” said Donley.

This paper is just getting started, but, so far, Donley says the feedback from Carthage has been positive and makes all the hard work worth it as they continue to grow.

“We’ve had calls. People saying I’m so glad you’re doing this. That’s paid back for that two o’clock in the morning deal,” said Donley.

Hacker has created a survey to asses what the Carthage community would want out of his paper.

The “Carthage Chronicle” is based out of Sarcoxie. The newspaper will cost 75 cents per issue or $34.98 per year, but in the meantime, the goal is to deliver each Carthage resident a free issue.