New mural in downtown Joplin

Working to end gun violence

You may be familiar with the brand “Toms”. What you may not be familiar with, is their new campaign, and that campaign has made it right here to the four-states. The Toms campaign isn’t for their latest shoe, instead, it’s aimed at ending gun violence across America.

Daniel Gulick, Artist: “It’s not against them having guns, or people having guns, they want better background checks, even though there’s background checks in place.”

That’s Daniel Gulick. He’s an artist and with his friend Anthony Carrera, they’ve been to five states painting murals with the message “end gun violence together.” Gulick says the owner of Toms, Blake, started the campaign.

Gulick: “He just felt it it was time to make a difference, he understands you can’t stop it all, but it’s a step in the right way.”

The mural has a very prominent location in downtown Joplin on the north side of the Columbia Traders building. That’s a building that Carolina Neal worked on herself to restore fourteen years ago.

Carolina Neal, Owner, Columbia Traders Building: “When we start I truly said, you know, this is a building that is going to make a difference in the community, it’s going to start movement.”

Neal says what she didn’t know then, is this building would display such an important message, but it’s one, she supports.

Neal: “This is an issue that I truly believe it is important to address in our communities and this country in particular, it’s part of what I believe. We have to learn how to live together.”

If you’d like more information you can head to the toms website on it ways to get involved, including this, a link that will send a postcard to your local representative stressing the need for stricter background checks.