New mayor for the city of Joplin

New mayor for the city of Joplin
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It was an evening of change in Joplin, as Mayor Melodee Colbert-Kean exited from the mayorship and Michael Seibert took the chair.

“I’ve done what I can do and now it’s somebody else’s turn to take us even further,” said Colbert-Kean.

The special city council meeting drew a large crowd. Residents witnessed as Seibert gained the only nomination for mayor and council members unanimously selected him.

“He’ll also bring a fresh energy, not necessarily because he’s new to council, but because he’s new to this position as a mayor,” said councilmember Mike Woolston. So I think he’ll be very diligent in terms of trying to bring things forward, trying to push the redevelopment along and getting us on a positive path.”

Redevelopment was a key word during the evening. New Mayor Seibert says that is one of his main priorities.

“If we can achieve redevelopment in the way we all want to, we’re going to set a course for this town that will be generational in its effect,” said Seibert.

He also shed light on another pressing goal.

“Get the best city manager we can here in Joplin. And that process will start very quickly and that will be an ongoing process and we’ll get that accomplished just as soon as we can.” According to council members, it is common for the mayor pro tem to be elected. Bill Scearce was the mayor pro tem.

New councilman Ryan Stanley nominated Seibert for mayor.

“Any strong mayor needs to always stay connected with the pulse and citizens of Joplin and recently the populous has been somewhat divided, so I think not only will he gain that be I know he’s going to foster that,” said Stanley.

Some Joplin citizens say they hope Seibert will rebuild the sense of camaraderie.

“I think he will pull everybody together, pull the council together and work as a team right now,” said joplin resident Charles McGrew. “As everybody knows, we’ve had a little bit of a broken spirit.”

Seibert served on council for six years prior to becoming mayor. He says he hopes to see more full houses at future city council meetings.

For the new mayor pro tem, the city council voted for Morris Glaze, in a five-to-four vote over other nominee Ryan Stanley.