New Jersey man biking across America to raise awareness for traumatic brain injuries

Rider suffered injury himself 14 years ago

A New Jersey man is spending some time in Fort Scott as he travels across America, to raise awareness, for brain injuries.

William Galloway is from New Jersey originally, but right now, he’s calling the open road, home. “I was in an accident, and I came along ways to be able to sit like this and talk.”

The accident was 14 years ago and caused serious damage to his brain. Now, he started a trek across the country simply as a way to get to a clinic to help him recover, and along the way, he began spreading awareness of his injury, and what he, and others like him are capable of. “I gotta take it one day at a time, what somebody does in 40 minutes it may take me a whole day.”

He says that’s what’s made it difficult, he hasn’t been able to find good employment since the accident. “That’s all you want to do is hold your job, you just need somebody to know what’s going on with your physical side, your disability side, you say you’re great, but with nobody advocating for you, everybody wants to get you into the system of the disability, and I walked away from all of that, and I’m, you take it to the doctors and stuff like that, nobody wants to see you make $40,000 a year and get back where you was at before the accident, that’s what’s so frustrating.”

Now, he’s making a second trek, coming up from Orlando. He started in Orlando, because he got some special help in the Sunshine State. “The company that makes the Catrike bike I ride, they gave me this bicycle, I put 20,000 miles on the first one, and, they just couldn’t believe it, I had been to four bicycle shops then they checked out my odometer and seen everything was right, so they just went ahead and gave me the bike, and that’s where I’ve been coming from, heading up to Washington.”

All these miles later, even his new bike is beginning to wear, and that’s why he stopped in Fort Scott and ended up at the home of Martin Hudacek-Ashwill, the same family that runs Time Station 30 for the Race Across America event. Martin says “We will never leave, somebody that’s from out of town, if they’re having problems, we’re going to help them.”

Thankfully, Martin was able to use some skills to get William back on the road. “I’m a mechanic from way back in the 80s you know, it was in the past century, in the old days, but, it’s just nice to be able to help somebody out.”

William is hoping to resume his trek to Washington, and his message of awareness, later this week.

To learn more about William’s story, or to help out, you can click here.


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