New grocery store coming to downtown Fort Scott

New Fort Scott Grocery Store Is A Work In Progress


FORT SCOTT, Ks. – Downtown Fort Scott, Kansas is growing with new apartments under construction. And soon, downtown’s Kress building will be home to a new grocery store.

“Thirty apartments across the street are scheduled to open around the end of the year, and so in addition to the need in our area, there’s also broad geographical area on the north side of Fort Scott that really isn’t serviced by a grocery store, so we’re really excited to meet the needs of this side of town,” said Baja Investments owner Bill Michaud.

And this won’t just be any grocery store. It’s going to heavily feature locally grown produce and meats as well as many other products made in Bourbon County and southeast Kansas.

“We just want to focus on meeting the needs of the local residents and also connecting our clients and customers at the grocery store with the producer who they may see downtown or around town, and want to support locally grown products,” said Michaud.

Michaud and his company, Baja Investiments are spearheading the new store, but they’re not doing it alone.

The state of Kansas has taken its Cares Act funds and created the SPARK program which stands for “Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas.”

The SPARK program gave Baja Investments a grant to help get the grocery store off the ground but one of the stipulations is that the store needs to be opened by the end of the year.

“There are liabilities that go with each entity that accepts the award. They have to use it in a very specific way. It has to be reported on a very tight timeline and the projects have to be substantially complete by December 30th,” said Jody Hoener, Bourbon County’s Director of Economic Development.

There’s still plenty of work to be done, but Bill is confident he’ll be celebrating a grand opening around mid-December.