New Frozen Ethnic Foods Maker Heads to Joplin

New Frozen Ethnic Foods Maker Heads to Joplin

A frozen food manufacturer gets an official welcome to Joplin after announcing details of a new $39 million facility. Company officials held a new conference today to give details of the manufacturing facility, and the new jobs it’ll bring.

Names mean a lot.

“We don’t call a facial tissue a facial tissue. We call it a Kleenex,” says Troy Roland.

Roland, with the Southwest Missouri Job Center, is excited to know the name of the new frozen food manufacturer coming to Joplin.

“So the same thing with a job search. When people are looking for a second job, or switching a career or getting a first job, they’re going to want to know what that brand is. If it’s a great brand name, a lot of people will be attracted to that business, just because of that brand name,” says Roland.

“We have two strong brands in the Asian area: Tai Pei and Ling Ling, which are sold throughout the United States,” says George Jurkovich with Ajinomoto Windsor. “We also have a brand in the Mexican category called Jose Ole.”

Ajinomoto Windsor will soon be setting up shop in Joplin to make ethnic frozen foods. Most products will be sold for food service. Ajinomoto Windsor will initially hire up to 240 workers, with 200 more workers on their payroll over the next five years.

“It’s a great fit for our region with our educational levels, based on the National Career Readiness Certificate data,” says Roland.

At least 375 of those jobs will have a base wage of $34,000 a year.

“Eliminate some of these folks who are having to work two jobs or three jobs, the underemployed. They can get a great job with great benefits and good starting pay,” says Roland.

The foundation for this ethnic food manufacturing plant has already been laid with an opening date set for early next year. Ajinomoto Windsor already has a manufacturing facility in Carthage.

Company officials hope to have job fairs in full swing by early fall. Workers with the Southwest Missouri Job Center say will offer resources to train potential employees.