New fire truck coming to Chanute

New fire truck coming to Chanute

Chanute firefighters weren’t able to save Kennedy’s Attic Antiques when it burnt down almost a year ago, but that doesn’t mean their efforts to rescue the building didn’t make a big impression.

“Everyone of them that was there, all of them were very friendly, very helpful, answered any questions that I had. From what I understand, I was pretty well in shock and out of it, but they were checking on me,” said Sheila Kennedy.

Sheila is happy the city of Chanute is using a 10 year capital lease to purchase a new, state of the art 1.3 million dollar fire truck, which will replace a 25-year-old ladder truck.

“I love the fact that that’s where my tax dollars are going, versus something else. I would love to see them get a new truck and be able to do things they haven’t been able to do,” said Sheila Kennedy.

The new truck will have a tank that holds at least 500 gallons of water, and a bucket platform on the end of its aerial ladder. Some of Chanute’s tall buildings make those upgrades necessary.

“Like so many small Kansas towns, we have a downtown area with large buildings with parapet walls, which is a wall that stands higher than the roof behind it,” said Chanute Fire Chief Kevin Jones.

The Chanute fire chief says the new truck will be ready in about a year because it’s being custom built for Chanute’s firefighting needs.

“We are now in the process of scheduling a pre-build conference, and that’s where we sit down and we hammer out the final details of ‘where do you want this light, where do you want that,'” said Chief Jones.