New Details in the Murder of 23-Year-Old Caleb Friend of Miami, OK

New Details in the Murder of 23-Year-Old Caleb Friend of Miami, OK
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New details are revealed after three suspects are charged for the murder of Miami man.

On January 19th 23-year-old Caleb Friend was found dead in his home on Northwest “K” street with a gunshot wound to the head.

Two suspects were taken into custody yesterday, 39-year old Brandon Jones of Picher and Caleb’s 17-year-old sister Kylie Friend. 35-year-old John Kevin Rather Jr. is still on the loose.

The Miami Police Department, Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation, along with several other agencies have been working for more than two months to crack the case. They’ve interviewed more than a hundred people to put the pieces together. Ottawa & Delaware County District Attorney Kenny Wright says this case has been exceptionally difficult because there were no direct eye witnesses to the crime.

Wright says Caleb’s sister Kylie had been living with him before the murder and they got in an argument that she had stolen money from him, and Caleb kicked her out of the house. Based on detective interviews friends of Kylie told authorities that she once said she wanted to rob and beat up her brother.

Wright says Caleb ran a small to medium size marijuana operation and was not on police’s radar. Later she got her on-and-off again boyfriend Brandon Jones and John Kevin Rather involved who allegedly robbed and killed Caleb wanting to steal his marijuana and money. According to detective interviews rather told friends things got out of control and when Brandon was pistol whipping Caleb his gun accidentally went off.

Wright says “Based on the way the scene appeared after Caleb’s body was found and law enforcement was there to do the forensic processing of the house evidence tends to indicate more that it was an execution than an accident.”

It is also unclear whether Kylie Friend was at her brother’s house during the time of the murder. At age 17 she is being tried as an adult for her involvement with the other two suspects in the first degree murder and robbery. All three suspects face life sentences or life without parole.