New App Allows Friends to Track Runners on Race Day

New App Allows Friends to Track Runners on Race Day

Runners Amy Leeper and Tina Reeves spend their afternoon cooling down from their daily runs, walking through Cunningham Park during their lunch break.

Although they’ll be out of town for this weekend’s Joplin Memorial Half, Leeper says she’ll be watching her brother-in-law from the sidelines over a new app.

“I just think it’ll be neat that I’ll be able to track my brother-in-law on the app even though I can’t be there to participate.”

The free “Joplin Memorial Run” app live streams your favorite runners movements across the thirteen point one mile course so you too can be part of their journey.

Race Director Ruth Sawkins says “We always try and think of our spectators too. we think that our spectators and the people that cheer are very important also. so this app is a way that can get them more involved versus they can’t really see their runner usually, you know while they’re out on the course for 13.1 miles, maybe in certain locations. But this is a way for them to actually watch them pretty much through the whole race.”

Your friends and family can also watch along social media. as you pass various checkpoints like the six mile marker here near Cunningham Park, the app fills in your Facebook friends and Twitter followers along the way.

“On the bibs they have, it’s an rf id chip and those are read by the timing mats and then the timing mats will transmit that information that then goes to the apps,” says Sawkins.

And for reeves a new virtual race allows her to be part of the day from any part of the world.

“I’m gonna go to Florida, I’m going to be on the beach and i think it’s really neat that I’ll be able to do the run, but not be here at home.”

And for Leeper says she’s looking forward to being able to remember the tornado by watching her brother-in-law’s journey.

“It’ll be neat to see him when he’s running past the old mercy site, to see all the progression we’ve made and how far we’ve come.”

The app is free and available on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.