New agreement increases wages for Miami firefighters and police

New Agreement Increases Wages For Miami Firefighters And Police
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MIAMI, Okla. – A new contract agreement includes raises for City of Miami Firefighters and Police.

The wage increase and added benefits will bring them up to a more competitive level, according to the City.

“Months of negotiations concluded in mutual contract agreements with the City of Miami and Miami IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) Local #1969 and the Miami Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 121. Both contracts were approved by the Mayor of Miami and the Miami City Council at Tuesday night’s council meeting,” according to a City of Miami release.

City Manager Bo Reese said employee appreciation, retention and recruitment were the focus of the agreements.

“We want to take care of those who take care of our community. This is a necessary and vital effort to create a competitive wage environment for some of our most important and greatly appreciated City employees,” Reese said.

About the New Contract Agreements

The following information about the agreements is information from the City of Miami.

The Miami IAFF Local #1969 accepted a two-year agreement with the City to begin July 1 extending to June 30, 2024.

With the first year of the contract, promotional steps will be reduced from 25 years to 17 years for lieutenants and captains, plus a 9 percent increase to the wage range for lieutenants and a 10 percent increase to the wage range for captains.

Lowering the steps from 25 years to 17 will also have a significant positive effect to retirement as well. These contract changes will place both positions within a competitive average range with lieutenants seeing an average wage increase of 17.18 percent and captains an average wage increase of 11 percent. This will result in a financial budget increase to the City of Miami of $77,282.

In the second year of the IAFF contract, a 5 percent wage increase will then be made to all ranges. Average wage increases for firefighters will be 5.827 percent, drivers 5.836 percent, lieutenants 5 percent, and captains 5 percent, for an increase in the City budget of $72,609.

Under the new contract, firefighters will also receive an additional holiday for Indigenous Peoples Day.

The IAFF and the City agreed to clarify language in the contract including that seniority shall now be contingent on FF1 and EMT certification. Work hours trade time will no longer be permitted until the firefighter’s probationary period is completed, and promotion for drivers must now include 3 years of service and FF1 and EMT certification. Probationary employees will also not be allowed to work out of classification, or be in charge of any call, or be promoted.

Miami’s FOP also reached an agreement for a two-year contract through fiscal years 2022 to 2024 which reduces steps in the first year of the contract from 25 years to 20 years with a 2 percent wage increase for all members. This amounts to a $94,809 financial impact to the City’s wages budget with an average wage increase of 6.149 percent for officers. The second year of the agreement will reduce promotional steps from 20 years to 17 years, plus add another 2 percent wage increase for all members, costing $76,350, with an average wage increase of 4.632 percent for officers.
Other added benefits include two new holidays, Juneteenth and Indigenous Peoples Day. Detectives will now receive 4 hours of “on call” pay on the first payroll of each month at a regular hourly rate.

The FOP agreed to change the title/rank of corporal to sergeant and title/rank of sergeant to lieutenant and change contract language for temporary assignments to “365 days from the start date of their previous temporary assignment.”

Reaction on Agreements

“I would like to thank the city and firefighters for working together to deliver a contract which is beneficial for the local 1969 and the City of Miami, we have improved the benefits and the retention capabilities. Together they have reduced the pay steps from 25 years to 17 and were able to raise the wages of the captains and lieutenants. This is a win for our community,” Miami Fire Chief Robert Wright said.

IAFF Local #1969 President Richard Rowe said, “In our negotiations this year, we had an opportunity before us. Working together, we were able accomplish great things that in the end will benefit the citizens, the City, and our membership. The IAFF appreciates the attitude of Bo and his team during the work sessions. Together, we addressed challenges of the future and found resolution that both parties could agree upon. The citizens of Miami and the area have a great future ahead and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.”

“I was very pleased with the contract negotiations,” Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson said, “I feel the city and lodge met and worked out a mutually beneficial contract that addresses a lot of the retention issues Miami has had with losing officers to other departments. Miami has always been a premier place to work for officers in northeast Oklahoma and we do not want officers to seek employment elsewhere because we cannot take care of our employees. This contract helps to ensure our officers are protected and taken care of. I want to thank HR Director Cindy Vanover for all her hard work and numerous hours spent number crunching, she is truly a rock star in Miami. And also want to thank the council and city manager for recognizing the problems MPD faced and working to correct them.”