Nevada Regional Medical Center unveils new “Butterfly” ultrasound tech

Converts a tablet/cellphone into an ultrasound monitor

NEVADA, Mo. – Nevada Regional Medical Center (NRMC) has a new tool to provide point-of-care-ultrasound. Traditionally ultrasound technology involves large equipment, but the new equipment can fit in the palm of healthcare providers’ hands.

Larry Seals With Butterfly

Dr. Larry Seals holds a new piece of ultrasound equipment at Nevada Regional Medical Center.

It’s called Butterfly IQ. The Butterfly allows physicians to convert a tablet or cell phone into a monitor for the ultrasound machine. In the emergency room, using the Butterfly allows for a Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) exam and aid the quick location of veins for IV access. If a patient presents with very low blood pressure, the doctor doesn’t have to send the patient off to radiology. Instead he can simply plug in the Butterfly to quickly examine the chest cavity and check the left ventricular function to see if it involves fluid around the heart or lungs.

NMRC expects the news device to improve patient satisfaction by decreasing wait times for some ultrasound procedures. Most importantly, officials say it will be readily available during a trauma, when life-saving minutes count.