Nevada Regional Medical Center Nurse Promoted To Clinical Manager

Nevada Regional Medical Center Nurse Promoted To Clinical Manager
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The Nevada Regional Medical Center (NRMC) has announced the newest Clinical Manager. NRMC has promoted Crystal Beshore RN from nursing staff to the position. Beshore brings more than 20 years of nursing experience to the job. Beshore will now be managing the emergency department, acute care unit, surgical services and obstetrics units at NRMC.

“We have all heard the term, ‘practicing medicine’,” said Tara Garrett, Clinical Administrator at NRMC. “Well I look at that as medicine is never perfect. We strive every day to improve our practice and accomplish something no one else has ever done. Crystal is a vibrant part of our team at NRMC. She brings great enthusiasm, drive and talent. Together we will accomplish positive steps to success! I look forward to working with Crystal to improve the care that our patients receive at NRMC.”

Beshore describes an opportunity to “bridge the divide” between nursing staff and administration. She says she hopes to be the voice for her staff, but that she now also understands the pressures of management.

“The two worlds have to communicate and understand each other,” said Beshore. “I see myself as being able to bridge that divide and make things easier for everyone. I want to lift up our nurses with encouragement and replenish them because I know they work hard. I will also continue to make sure that we’re following policies and that the best practices and compliance measures are being followed.”

Originally from Rich Hill, Missouri, Beshore came to Nevada for the Nevada Regional Technical Center practical nursing program. She earned her LPN license there in 1996 and worked her first shifts at NRMC in the medical/surgical department. She then went to Fort Scott Community College where she earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing and registered nurse license in 2007.

“I had two very different birth experiences,” said Beshore. “My first son was born at a big city hospital. I was scared to death, alone and I felt like just a number revolving through a door and nobody was there. The experience I had at NRMC was vastly different. The nurses were amazing with the care and attention they gave me. They took the time to teach me every little thing and that still inspires me as a nurse. Customer service is very important to me.”

Beshore is not ashamed to admit that her journey to this point has been anything but easy. She initially came to Nevada seeking refuge at the Moss House, a shelter for the victims of domestic and sexual violence. She says her motivation for becoming a nurse was to find a way to make a good salary in a short period.

“I was trying to escape a horrible situation as a young mom with two small babies,” explained Beshore. “I knew I wouldn’t stay in nursing forever, only a couple years till I got on my feet. The first time I did anything nurse-like, I threw up. Before long though, I got past that because I found a greater purpose and I truly feel it was meant to be. I found that helping others somehow helped me heal myself. Giving of myself to help those in need repaired things broken inside of me.”

Beshore also feels that serving the health needs of her community is a way of returning the help that was so freely given to her, when she needed it most.

“I’ve been homeless and lived in a shelter,” said Beshore. “I’ve used the food pantry and stood in food stamp lines, I’ve been to counseling programs, housing programs, and everything in between. It’s not been an easy climb and I still have a long way to go. This hospital and this community has been a large part of my story. I don’t know where I’d be without such a supportive environment.”

Beshore has worked in many different areas of healthcare, both at NRMC and other local agencies, including behavioral health, long-term care, emergency and intensive care. Since 2015, Beshore began serving as house supervisor at NRMC and working in the operating room.

“We have the cream of the crop here,” said Beshore. “You couldn’t ask for better surgeons and I will miss working with them in the operating room every day. I’ve worked at a few different places, but NRMC is where I feel at home. I can’t imagine working anywhere else and I can’t imagine taking my family miles down the road to any other healthcare providers.”