Nevada Middle School participates in “dude be nice” week

Nevada Middle School participates in “dude be nice” week

It’s dude be nice week at Nevada Middle School, a national movement to bring kindness to different organizations. Today, the students focus on the community.

As their classmates rush out the door to catch the bus, a group of student council members stay behind. They’re happy to spend more time with each other and a teacher as they give back to the community leaders.

“They don’t get enough thanks so we’re trying to thank them and give them back a little bit of our gratitude,” says Stacy Pennington, an 8 th grader.

As a part of dude be nice week, they visit the local hospital, police and fire station to deliver food donated by their classmates for the nurses, doctors, and law enforcement officials. And the week delivers a simple message, be nice.

“To make sure everybody realizes that kindness is pretty much a thing that everyone needs to have for everyone to get along,” says student Lani Coonrod.

“We live in society where we go so fast and we’re so focused on getting there or making this achievement or advancing in this position and I think sometimes we just forget about the incredible importance of being kind to each other,” says teacher and student council sponsor Erin Townsend.

It’s a way to combat bullying and allows students to get to talk to the classmates they may not know as well.

“We all kind of have our own little cliques at lunch, we sit at certain lunch tables every single day so it was just kind of nice to sit with someone new and then get to talk to them and find out new things about them that you didn’t know,” says Coonrad.

And it’s been working. Teachers hope that the kind behavior continues once the week is over.

“I’ve seen kids take lunch trays up for each other, I’ve seen kids help each other in the hallway and I think it’s just made us all a little more conscious of the importance of being kind to others,” says Townsend.

And the community appreciates the students’ kindness.

The week will end tomorrow at an assembly where they award students for their kindness.