Nevada high school students to testify at state capital

NEVADA, Mo- Last October, students from Nevada High School sat down with Missouri Representative Patricia Pike to address issues commonly faced by students. 

Upon hearing those issues, the representative came up with bills that will be presented in the upcoming weeks. Now, the students who helped conceive the bills will testify at the capital.

We spoke with Representative Pike about these bills and she sent a statement that reads:

“It has been an honor to work with these young people to identify legislation that will make a positive impact for our Missouri students. They’ll be testifying in front of the Mo House of Representatives Elementary and Secondary Education Committee on Tuesday regarding HB 465 and I look forward to their participation in helping this legislation move forward.”

Lucas Conner, a representative from healthy Nevada emphasizes the importance of young people gaining an interest in politics.

“Seeing people that you know going up and testify is really important too because that allows them to say these people are doing this and they’re my best friends, so I can do this too,” Connor said.

The students will be testifying on two bills, one on stress and suicide prevention, and the other on the effects of vaping.

Eden Fischer, who will be speaking at the state capitol on a bill that would require training in youth suicide prevention and stress management strategies says teachers need to be aware of concerning signs in students.

“We think that it would be best for teachers to know how to help students with that and we think that if they are trained with that and equipped with knowing how to do that, they will, we’ll see suicide rates go down and substance abuse rates go down,” Fischer said.

That’s where the bill which would require school districts to educate students on the negative effects of vape and tobacco products in their drug education curriculum comes in.

Cody Jenkins who will be testifying on this bill says too many young people are vaping and need to know the real dangers that come with it.

“We should help students eliminate this stress through much more healthy methods, and we should also educate students that these unhealthy methods are not a safe alternative, they are very harmful to our bodies they’re very harmful to our mental states,” said Jenkins.

Now, the students will have an opportunity to speak on these issues to state legislators, showing you’re never too young to take a stand.