Nerf war gets kids playing in Parsons, Kansas

Nerf war gets kids playing in Parsons, Kansas
KOAM 2018

Kids in Parsons, Kansas get together for their second nerf war of the year.

The Parsons Recreation Commission held their first war in November.

The event was so successful that they decided to bring it back after Christmas so that kids could try out their new Nerf arsenal.

Children could also build barriers and forts with provided foam pieces, and to make it even more fun, the lights turned off for a glow-in-the-dark experience.

Officials say they are happy to provide activities like this for kids in the area.

“Just another activity for the community, something for the kids to do. We’re a small town, so the more events that we can hold, you know, the better off for the community, better off for the kids. You know, just keeping them active and having fun,” said Lakaito Barr-Miller with the Parsons Recreation Commission.

If kids continue to show an interest in the Nerf wars, officials plan on hosting the event more often.