Neosho working on ordinance to ban bath salts and synthetic marijuana

So called “bath salts” and synthetic marijuana are a problem in the Neosho, Missouri community. Now the city council has discussed ordinances to address both.

Last year the City of Neosho passed a resolution denouncing synthetic marijuana and bath salts, but that resolution had no enforcement power. It simply encouraged individuals not to sell and distribute the drugs.

For the past year the city attorney and council have worked on an ordinance that would ban both, giving law enforcement officials a tool to actually make arrests.

City officials hope taking these measures will be a clear message that these drugs are not welcome in the city.

“There is nothing good that can come from bath salts or synthetics – they can harm your body,” says Neosho Mayor Richard Davidson. “You can tell kids today all you want, they have got to learn some lessons themselves and they are not always going to believe what their parents have to say, but we are going to do whatever we have to do to make sure synthetics go away in Neosho and this is our best effort we have today that we have available.”

The council will vote on the ordinances at their next meeting on April 16.