Neosho volunteers take on “Trash Bag Challenge”

Neosho volunteers take on “Trash Bag Challenge”
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If you scroll through Instagram, and search “trashtag,” you’ll find thousands of before and after photos of young people leaving places better than they found them. It’s something the Neosho Youth Volunteer Program was doing before it was cool.

“Normally, we go to the high school, we go to different schools with trash everywhere, we pick up trash, we mow yards for people,” said Joseph Bressler, a volunteer with the group.

“It was actually an idea I had last year whenever I started the program, and then I saw on social media it was taking off, and I was like, ‘Oh that’s perfect!’ It’s a good time to start promoting it here. So we have a lot of kids excited for spring to come along so they can start getting outside and doing it,” said Tandy Bressler, CEO of the Neosho Youth Volunteer Program.

The Trash Bag Challenge is simple: pick an area, clean it up, and share a photo on social media, but this group is adding an extra incentive.

“Kids seem really excited. They like that the trash bag challenge, everyone gets a toy. They can pick that up at a glow-in-the dark party that we’re having, a fundraiser that we’re having for Bright Futures,” said Bressler.

Trash cleanup is just one of the things the group aims to do, with the main goal being to get kids involved in making the community a better place.

“It’s fun, like you can go out with your friends, and pick up trash. Afterwards, you get rewards.”

For this 13-year-old, though, the best reward is feeling like he’s making a real difference.

“It makes you feel like you just did something, like, something very important for the environment.”

The glow-in-the-dark party is scheduled for April 13.

You can learn more about the Neosho Youth Volunteer Program on their Facebook page.