Neosho twins “cyber kidnapped” by stranger

Neosho twins “cyber kidnapped” by stranger

Pictures of April and Nathan Willis’ four-year-old twin daughters hang in the living room of their home. Strange to think those same photos hang in the living room of a woman the couple has never met.

The Willis’ have been subject to a case of “cyber kidnapping” since 2013 when an Oklahoma woman the couple has never met began stealing photos of the girls from April’s Facebook page. The same photos began appearing on “Ashley’s” Facebook page, with different names for the girls and a different life story. April was notified in a message with dozens of screenshots of her own twins on the strange woman’s page.

April calls Ashley “more than obsessed”.

“But no she’s a complete stranger, never been friends with her on Facebook, never had her as a mutual friend on Facebook, just a complete stalking case that’s happened for four years,” April Willis said.

April hired a detective years back and for a brief time, thought the nightmare was over. That was until April 1 of this year when April received another message from a caring Facebook user, claiming more posts were appearing with the twin girls.

“It has definitely changed the way we live, we got a security system on our house, I sleep with a gun under my pillow basically every night, so we became very much more aware of our surroundings and people that are around us. We are very watchful of our girls now when we go out in public,” Nathan Willis said.

After contacting local law enforcement and being told the internet is a “gray area” for privacy cases such as this one, April sent an email to the Dr. Phil show on a whim. Within 8 days, the Willis’, with daughters in tow, were on their way to California to appear on the Dr. Phil show. Ashley was also contacted and agreed to appear in front of the studio audience.

As for what happens on the show, the Willis’ say to tune in on Wednesday and Thursday to the Dr. Phil show.

Their twin daughters are acutely aware of the situation.

“So they’re even scared they ask us “is the scary lady going to be there?” or “are we going to see the scary lady?” So I mean, they’re kind of aware of what’s going on but they’re just so young they don’t understand,” Nathan Willis said.

The family lives 4 to 5 hours from Ashley, but it’s still too close for comfort. The family is considering moving out-of-state.