Newton County Health Department revises quarantine procedures for students

Changes act only as guidelines, districts can decide to participate or not

NEOSHO, Mo – The Newton County Health Department updates their quarantine protocol, allowing students some students to forgo a 14 day quarantine.

The Neosho School District has adopted the new policy, which allows students that have been exposed to individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19 but who have not tested positives themselves to return to school instead of quarantine.

Neosho adopted the policy citing their students interest as the main reason behind the change.

The State Department of Health and Education did not approve of the changes and reached out to Neosho School District superintendent, Jim Cummins, and Newton County Health Department administration, Larry Bergner about it; Newton County schools and the health department are now reconsidering the changes.

Neosho Schools will meet on Monday to determine if they wills stick with the changes or revert back to the 14 day quarantine.