Neosho School District explains past and future plans for ESSER funds

NEOSHO, Mo. –While teachers begin to prepare their classrooms for the upcoming school year.

There’s a lot of work for administration behind the scenes, like dealing with federal funds for the future.

“So when you look at the Covid relief funds, there have been just several different items you could spend money on,” said Neosho School District Superintendent, Jim Cummins.

These relief funds, also known as elementary and secondary school emergency relief, or ESSER funds, are government funds directed towards keeping schools safe during the pandemic.

The funding is broken down into three rounds.

During the first round, the Neosho school district used the money to pay off ongoing expenses.

“We will replace all of our whiteboards with interactive flat-panel TVs, over the course of the next three summers, we have used stimulus funds to help with our rotation of Chromebooks and ipads,” the superintendent said.

The district hopes to accomplish three things through this funding, ensuring that their facilities are kept up to date, taking care of their staff, and ensuring that every student’s needs are met academically.

That’s why the next two rounds will go towards professional development and high-quality training for their teachers.

“We believe that if we have better-equipped teachers, with greater resources and our collaborative efforts are better, our student’s achievements will also be better.”

Additionally, funds will go towards creating a safer environment for everyone in the buildings.

“As a secondary part of that, we’ve used some of the funds to better sanitize, better equip, handle social distancing, some of those things that keep our staff and students safe.”

Cummins says using these funds will free up money to be used to create better resources for staff and students.