Neosho responds to winter weather


Neosho responds to winter weather

Neosho streets were rated “passable but slick” overall as of 4:45 p.m. Thursday evening, and residents were advised not to venture out, following a wintry mix of snow and sleet.

If staying home is not an option, drivers in Neosho are cautioned to avoid hilly streets if at all possible, and take alternate routes to and from work. Some of Neosho’s more hilly streets were closed off to traffic Thursday, including Hill Street at “Senior Hill,” Big Spring Hill, Greenwood Boulevard, and Eric Road.

Several vehicle slideoffs were reported Thursday. Drivers are asked to please drive extra slow, and to be aware of street conditions. If you do slide off the street, call 451-8333 for help.

Neosho Public Works crews were scheduled to work overnight Thursday, salting and plowing the streets, with a primary focus on the emergency routes. Emergency routes include main thoroughfares that lead to and from emergency services, such as hospital, police, and fire, as well as provide general access to the side streets leading into the neighborhoods.

The Public Works Department is working short one dump truck/snow plow, which had a mechanical breakdown Thursday afternoon. The department has two dump trucks and three one-ton pickups remaining, all equipped with snow plows and salt spreaders. The city has on hand approximately 450-500 tons of salt/gravel mix.

Waste Corporation of America, who contracts with Neosho for trash service, notified the city at approximately 4:30 p.m. Thursday that garbage would not be picked up on Friday due to the snow. If trash pick up is possible on Monday, WCA will run two trucks to cover both the Friday and Monday routes, if weather allows.

Neosho City Hall will remain open at normal business hours Friday and Monday.

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