Neosho residents vote on residential requirements for City Manager position

City Council to name their choice at meeting


City Council did not come to a decision at Tuesday, November 5th, meeting for the new City Manager. They will discuss the decision again on November 19th at the next City Council meeting.


The City of Neosho has been searching for a new City Manager since July.

Now that it’s time to elect someone, City Council is asking the public for their help on deciding a certain requirement for that new administrator by either voting yes or no on Proposition 1 of their ballots.

Proposition 1 is an amendment to mandate that the City Manager must live in Neosho with a Neosho address and be no more than a thirty-minute response time away from City Hall.

Some residents strongly feel that the vote should be yes.

“I think if they live too far away, they don’t have their heart in Neosho and if there’s an emergency, they could be so far away that it’s an issue” said Neosho resident, Cary Norman.

Resident, Judy Day said “I understand people maybe not wanting to move here with their family and disrupt, but if you’re gonna be a part of the community, I think you need to live there.”

Others find that not living directly in City limits, shouldn’t matter.

“I think its fine if the City Manager lives outside city limits, still close to Neosho and involved in Neosho but if he is a block outside city limits, then I don’t think that should make any difference.”

Neosho’s residents are mostly just ready for a new City Manager to be chosen.

“It’s taking a little while, but as long as they make a good choice that is fine” added Day.

“Absolutely, I hope they make up their mind” added Norman.

Voting officially closes at 7 P.M. tonight, November 5th, which is the same time as the start of City Councils meeting, where they plan to name their choice for that vacant position.


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