Neosho Police continue to gather leads for possible suspect in dog abuse case

Rewards donations continue to come in

The Neosho Police Department says it’s searching for a suspect in a case of severe animal abuse.

Officials with the Neosho Police Department say they responded to this area, near the intersection of Greenwood and Lou Ida Boulevards to a report of animal abuse. They found a female beagle that had approximately 75% of its skin removed while it was still alive. After word got out, Lieutenant Mike Sharp with the Neosho Police Department says tips and information began pouring in. “We’ve got a couple that could turn into a good lead, we believe that they’re going to result in some good information and possibly identify a suspect.”

Sharp says the owners told them the dog was perfectly fine when they left their home. “They were out of town for several hours at a sporting event, so, when they came back, they were caught off guard and at a total loss, and same response, they don’t know who or why someone would want to do this to their animals.”

Police say there have been reports circulating that the dog had injured itself, possibly by walking through an extremely tight or sharp fence space, but officials say that’s not the case – and that the dog’s skin had been removed, surgically, by a knife. The dog ultimately had to be put down because of her injuries and now, the community is rallying to find the suspect – donating $1,000 for a reward. “There was four or five individuals that came out and pledged this donation, since then, we’ve had several others speak up.”

Sharp says that reward amount is continuing to climb as more people offer donations. Despite the support, he says it’s still a tough case. “It’s to accept the fact that there are people out there that could do something like this, but we have to remember it’s our job to investigate and move on.”

If you want to donate to increase that reward you can do so at the front desk of Neosho City Hall.


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