Neosho hosts city-wide garage sale after last year’s cancellation

NEOSHO, Mo. –People from all over were spotted in Neosho these past two days at what is said to be Missouri’s largest garage sale.

The event is so big that school was canceled Friday.

“So, schools are actually closed on Friday every year for the garage sale, because the busses can’t get through because of all of the traffic,” said Ashley Eagleburger, a cheer coach at Neosho Junior High.

All around Neosho were 400 garage sales, selling almost anything one can imagine. 

One vendor, Michelle Wilson, has been in attendance for years.

“Oh yes, we have everything, clothes we have newborn to about 3x men and women, we have glassware, homes wear, decor, books, lamps, furniture, yeah we got a little bit of everything,” Wilson said.

For Wilson, one thing she loves about this event is the people she gets to meet.

“I love meeting people, talking to people, seeing where they’re from, learning what they do, what draws them in, what do they like? I’m a people person.” 

It’s something that keeps bringing her out every year.

But the biggest part about this event for vendors is the thrill of bargaining.

“Bargains, it’s all about bargains and what you might be able to find because everybody’s got a different setup, everybody’s got something different, you never know what you’re gonna find and if you can get that bargain, it’s that bargain hunting,” Wilson said.

The city-wide garage sale was canceled last year due to the pandemic, and now that it’s back, vendors are ready to share their goods with the Neosho area.

“We really missed it last year, we do very well at the Neosho, we’re actually from the Jasper Golden City area, but we come down because we do so well here so, it’s well worth it,” Wilson said.

Wilson encourages everyone to come to this event with an open mind.

“Just come on out, if you see a yard sale, stop, you never know what treasure you might find.”