Neosho City Manager submits resignation to council

Neosho City Manager submits resignation to council
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UPDATE: After less than a year in his position as city manager in Neosho, Missouri, Leland Butcher resigns from his post.

After losing another city manager, some citizens in Neosho are growing concerned.

“We’re in a situation again where we need strong leadership, not only from city council, but from the inner workings of the management of the city,” expressed Timothy Cox, a concerned Neosho citizen.

Leland Butcher took over the city manager position last September, but surprised many with his resignation.

“That does nothing but just continue to harm not only public confidence in their city government, but also the region’s confidence in Neosho,” said Cox.

In a prepared statement, the Neosho Mayor shared the council’s unanimous vote to accept Butcher’s termination immediately.

“…While Mr. Butcher provided for a two month period of continuted employment with the city of Neosho, for the mutual benefit of the city and Mr. Butcher, the city council further approved the immediate termination of Mr. Butcher’s duty as city manager and will release him from all responsibility effective immediately,” said Neosho Mayor William Doubek.

Butcher says he wishes the citizens of Neosho the best in the future, but offered no comment at the special session. Officials say he is leaving for personal reasons.

“He’s a friend. Always will be, always will be,” said Doubek.

Ultimately, Cox wishes Butcher the best, hoping he moves on just as the town will.

“We need to pick up and find the best candidate or candidates for the job,” said Cox.

The job opening for city manager will be posted immediately.

Police Chief Kennedy will serve as interim city manager.

Mr. Buthcher will be paid for “…any amount due him in accordance with his employment contract.”

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The City of Neosho, Missouri will soon need a new city manager.

Leland Butcher submitted his resignation to city council. It will be discussed at tomorrow’s special session with the Neosho City Council at 7:00 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers.

Butcher became the City Manager in September of 2018.

KOAM will have more details on the resignation as they become available.

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