Neosho city employees study up on cyber crime

neosho city employees attend a meeting about cyber security

NEOSHO, Mo. — Neosho police officers aren’t just concerned with crooks on the street. On Wednesday, they were at city hall for a cyber crime awareness meeting.

“Helps us stay more alert and keep updated with the kind of attacks we have against the city and perhaps citizens have in the community,” said Sergeant Richard Leavens with the Neosho Police.

But it wasn’t just local law enforcement in attendance. Fire officials and city employees from other departments were there learning what they can do to protect Neosho from cyber crime.

“The goal is that they understand that they play a vital role, and they may feel like they’re not a target but they are. Anyone that has access to the email or the internet could be the person that invites the cyber event to initiate,” said Stronghold Data’s Jason Rincker.

The meeting was hosted by Neosho’s cyber security partner, Stronghold Data. A company rep educated city employees about scams including ransomware and phishing emails, as well as techniques to spot them and stop them.

“Dual factor authentication is where you have your password to get in but you also use a code. A lot of people are seeing that with their bank account,” said Rincker as he discussed cyber security methods.

Neosho Police Sergeant Leavens says the cyber security training he’s received has been useful at home as well.

“When I’m doing banking or whatever at home, I recognize things that are suspicious when they come in my email. I don’t answer them. I don’t click on them,” said Leavens.