Neosho City Council extends apology after miscommunication

Item pulled off agenda after error

NEOSHO, Mo. – Mayor Carmin Allen began the council meeting explaining that the language of the ordinance did not reflect the wishes of council, saying that there had essentially been a mistake, and that the ordinance would be addressed at a later, public meeting.

Many of the faces in this crowd will appear again then.

Initial Gathering Ordinance

The proposed Ordinance, Bill No. 2020-993 amending Bill No. 2020-980, that is on the July 7th Council Meeting, does not reflect the requests that the City Council made during the June 30th Special Session Meeting on COVID-19.

“Personally, I think it’s the wrong decision. I think it’s an infringement on my rights as an American citizen,” voiced Angie Jackson, one Newton County resident.

While a lot of people have those same concerns, Mayor Allen says the purpose of this ordinance is to protect, not infringe on freedoms.

“I know we’ve had a lot of postings out there, false information, but we’re trying to help our businesses and our people,” assured Mayor Allen.

Even so, Mayor Allen says the ordinance on Tuesday night’s agenda is not an accurate depiction of what council wanted to bring before the public.

“That ordinance there is not the ordinance we were putting in place. Now we are gonna have it where big groups go through the Newton County Health Department, explain what they’re gonna be doing, and get a letter of permission to put on their event,” said Mayor Allen.

“I’m not concerned about the rise in cases. I would expect it. It’s a virus. Of course it’s going to work its way through the community,” said Jackson.

The public will be invited to discuss a gathering ordinance with revised language at 7 p.m. on Thursday at the Civic Center, where there’s more room for people to be present for the discussion.

You can view the full original ordinance here.