Neosho bike trails project nearing completion

Phase 2 of the trials is expected to begin in January.


NEOSHO, Mo. – It’s been a long time coming for an intricate set of bike trails to hit the Neosho area and it’s something many are highly anticipating.

“The rogue trails group has built almost 5 miles of trails up in the woods behind the ball field at Morse Park, they are finishing the last trail right now. PBR has built a bicycle playground and a bunch of volunteers have built this skills loop and we’re still working on it actually” said Jeff Chase.

Chase, the owner of Bike Neosho got volunteers together to add a skills loop in the park, providing even more biking opportunities.

“We’re building some dirt features, some wooden features will be installed Tuesday and it’s going to be really cool.”

And though the skills loop isn’t quite finished yet, people are already starting to enjoy it.

“We’re just excited that we can come during the week or whenever and we can stay in Neosho. And we think it’s really going to help with the economy here and bringing people to the town” said Neosho resident, Emi Capps.

The combination of the skills loop, bicycle playground and mountain biking trails has city officials excited for the new attention it will bring to the area.

“It will also attract more traffic to downtown Neosho, down on the square. Something else I would like to remember here as were talking about this is, it is phase one of the bicycle trails” said Clint Dalbom, The City of Neosho Parks Director.

Phase one is expected to be complete by October, but the city is already preparing for phase 2.

“We were told originally that 5 miles of bicycle trials would be a good start off point and if we could come up with ten miles then it would be a destination” added Dalbom.

For Chase, the trails are something he is excited to see grow.

“This isn’t it; this is just the beginning.”

Phase 2 of the trails is expected to begin in January.