NEO’s livestock team wins third at National Barrow Show

NEO’s livestock team wins third at National Barrow Show
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NEO’s livestock team wins third at National Barrow Show

Miami, Okla. – Thursday, Sept.12, 2013 – The Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO) livestock judging team recently won third high team overall at the 2013 National Barrow Show in Austin, Minn. on Sept. 9th. The Barrow Show was the team’s first contest this fall.

The team was also fourth high in reasons and first high team in the hog college. Sara Green, from Grove, Okla., was sixth high individual overall, and Lindsay Tasos, all the way from Madera, Calif., was fifth high individual in reasons.

“The Barrow Show was a great way to start off our judging season, and I look for improvement at each contest,” said Livestock Coach Tyler Dewey. “I am very proud of our students and all their effort this year.”

Ten of 13 students from the sophomore team marked cards on the floor, and they strictly judged classes of hogs.

This year’s team consists of a total of 33 students who are the best of the best from across the country. They come from as far away as Calif., Mich., and even Va. This year’s team is a unique blend of many states coming together as one to make a successful team.

Now some may wonder, ‘what is livestock judging?’ Livestock judging requires students to evaluate livestock consisting of cattle, sheep, swine, and goats. They defend their ranking by giving oral reasons. Oral reasons are prepared speeches that have to be less than two minutes in length and given to one or two judging officials.

One motto the team follows is ‘strive to get 1 percent better each day.’ Not only does the team strive to give 100 percent on the floor and in the reasons room as well, they also are good stewards on campus. They are involved in Student Body Government, Aggie Society, NEO13 News, Phi Theta Kappa, which is an international honor society.

The students have scheduled practices that take place on and off campus during the week. Mondays through Thursdays and consist of reasons practice. On weekends the team heads to different farms, fairs, and ranches to judge live classes.

The livestock team will continue to judging throughout the year. Below is their fall contest schedule.

Contest | Location | Date

National Barrow Show | Austin, Minn. | 9/9/2013

Flint Hills | Manhattan, Kan. | 9/20/2013

Mid America Classic | Wichita, Kan. | 9/21/2013

Ak-sar-ben | Omaha, Neb. | 9/29/2012

Tulsa State Fair | Tulsa, Okla. | 10/7/2013

American Royal | Kansas City, Mo. | 11/1/2013

NAILE | Louisville, Ky. | 11/20/2013

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