NEO Theatre Experience actors perform Shakespeare on the Steps

Whilst performing the actors had to wear masks as well to follow COVID-19 protocols.
Neo Theatre Shakespeare

MIAMI, Okla. – The second annual ‘Shakespeare on the Steps’ at Northeastern Oklahoma University looked a little different this year due to COVID-19.

Those in attendance wore masks and had to socially distance inside the Fine Arts Theatre.

The NEO Theatre Experience had fifteen actors performing various Shakespeare scenes from his most famous plays.

The students had 15 group rehearsals over a 3-week span to bring to life 75 different characters.

Whilst performing the actors had to wear masks to follow COVID-19 protocols.

“Actually that kind of archives the experience a little bit, you know, we look back on it and are like that’s the year we had to wear masks for peoples safety, I think it’s a you know it’s a difficult that way but it’s something unique and different about it” said Aaron Smith, Artistic Director, NEO Theatre Experience.

This was the NEO Theatre Experience groups first show of the season.