NEO surpasses fundraising goal at annual Development Foundation Gala

Raised more than $100,000

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M college’s Development Foundation Gala surpassed its goal for the first time.
It was the 18th year for the Gala, and the purpose is to raise funds for student scholarships.

350 people attended the event and being NEO’S Centennial year, community members were challenged to raise $100,000.

They surpassed that $100,000 goal, raising $103,000.

Officials say it is the most they have ever raised at an event like that.

“We’ve never raised $100,000 before and in an era where states appropriation can fluctuate from year to year, it becomes more important to be able to have this private party and outside party donations to kind of off set the cost of higher education for students.” said Coordinator for Public Information, Jordan Adams.

$40,000 of that $103,000 will be going towards this years special project. The project is to purchase a greenhouse for the Agriculture Department so students can conduct more hands on research.


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