NEO releases COVID-19 action plan

MIAMI, Okla. – Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College’s COVID-19 action plan has been released, and many of the safety measures they’re embracing are ones you might already be familiar with.

Students, staff, and campus visitors will be required to wear face masks and the college has used that as an opportunity for folks to show some NEO pride.

“We are pretty proud. We have a free washable cloth mask to give every student, faculty, and staff. It has our NEO logo on it and they’re also for sale in the bookstore,” said the NEO COVID-19 Task Force’s Jennifer Walker.

Classes will be offered both in person and online, and plastic shielding has been installed around campus to stop transmission of the Coronavirus.

But the college’s COVID-19 task force says fighting the virus is a team effort, which is why they’re asking students and staff to take a quick health check before visiting campus.

“We’re requiring and asking that everyone complete a self-assessment before they come to campus, really focused on individual and personal responsibility in terms of keeping this campus safe,” said Walker.

Students will soon start moving in, and even that’s seeing changes because of the college’s COVID-19 action plan.

“This next coming weekend when students begin moving in, there’s going to be staggered times. So each student has been alerted to the date and time period that they can move in,” said Walker.

There will also be social distancing measures put in place at the cafeteria, and plenty of signage to remind the NEO community about Coronavirus safety.

If you’d like to learn more about the college’s COVID-19 action plan, click here.