NEO holds first MLK day of service

Honors students volunteer to honor Doctor King
NEO holds first MLK day of service
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Martin Luther King Junior’s service *to* the country — inspires service days *across* the country — as folks lend a helping hand to those in need.

In the four-states — those lending that hand included — for the first time — students at Miami’s NEO A and M College.

Learning about first aid.. how to stop bullying.. and of course playing b-ball.

*15* students from the honors program at NEO college spent their day doing that at the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa County for the college’s first ever day of service for Martin Luther King Junior day.

Jordyn Miller, NEO Student:”Whenever you do help them they get to see that somebody’s actually interested in them and wants to help them succeed in life.”

The students were encouraged to volunteer for several different service projects around town.. including at the Boys and Girls club.. to make a difference in their community.

Andrew Olson, NEO Honors Teacher:”It’s important that students remember that there’s a service aspect to it, so it’s really important to us to pass on both to our students at NEO, but also those students here and kids here at the Boys and Girls Club, that they understand that this is a day where service can be observed and that we can volunteer some as well.”

Miller:”It definitely makes an impact not only on the kids but also on yourself seeing how much impact you make in their lives.”

Making a difference in the kids lives.. and following doctor Kings example.. is why the day was a lot more than just fun and games.

Cooper Duncan, NEO Student:”Some of them you know I get to talk to one on one and feel like I make an impact in their lives. At least that little bit, and it’s all that matters.”

Miller:”I think it’s great that we have people like us that can come in here and help these students and hopefully they can succeed kind of like we have, and they can pass this on to younger generations also.”

All of the kids at the Boys and Girls Club got a chance to get involved as well by cleaning up the park next to the center.