NEO finishes 6th at NJCAA national duals

The Norsemen were 3-2 on the day.

WATCH: The 6th-ranked NEO Golden Norsemen finish 6th at the NJCAA national duals Friday night in Miami. NEO was 3-2 overall in the tournament.

“Wasn’t a bad day,” says NEO head coach Joe Renfro, “It just wasn’t as successful and clean as we possibly can be, or at least in my expectation and my thoughts anyways. The margin of error there is very minimal and you can’t make little mistakes like we did. I can go through our matches that we didn’t perform that great at and point out those mistakes. We got to go back to the practice room and get better, and we definitely plan on doing that.”

The Norsemen fell to Iowa Central 22-18 in the 5th-place match. Below are the results from that match.

125 Daniel Vargas (Iowa Central Community College) over Riley Weir (Northeast Oklahoma) Fall 3:00 0 6.0
133 Mikey Mascarenas (Northeast Oklahoma) over Maddie Roney (Iowa Central Community College) Maj 11-3 4.0 0
141 Blake Gonzalez (Northeast Oklahoma) over Bret Minor (Iowa Central Community College) Maj 10-2 4.0 0
149 Nolan Miller-Johnston (Iowa Central Community College) over Shawn Tillman (Northeast Oklahoma) Dec 3-2 0 3.0
157 Jon Trowbridge (Northeast Oklahoma) over Andrew Gamble (Iowa Central Community College) TB-1 5-3 3.0 0
165 Ashton Eyler (Iowa Central Community College) over Nolan Saale (Northeast Oklahoma) Maj 14-3 0 4.0
174 Jayden Smith (Northeast Oklahoma) over Anthony Johnson (Iowa Central Community College) Dec 3-2 3.0 0
184 Joshua Molinar (Northeast Oklahoma) over Triston Licht (Iowa Central Community College) Maj 14-5 4.0 0
197 Ja`Quez Bostic (Iowa Central Community College) over Colben Dodson (Northeast Oklahoma) Dec 3-2 0 3.0
285 Boone McDermott (Iowa Central Community College) over Seth Seago (Northeast Oklahoma) Fall 1:12 0 6.0
Dual Meet Score 18.0 22.0