Neighbors react to deadly shooting in Miami, Oklahoma

One child killed, pregnant mother injured

What started off as a typical Tuesday evening turned into a nightmare for neighbors trying to process what was happening on their once-quiet street.

“I hear this big old ambulance roll up, my back room just lights up because the ambulance was right outside my bedroom window, and here’s three or four ambulances, a pile of police cars,” explained a neighbor from down the street, Lonnie Gean.

It was approaching 9 p.m., on 217 I Street NW, when 38-year-old Melissa Wallace, who is pregnant, had been shot.
She ran next door for help while the owner of the residence, 38-year-old James Miller, Wallace’s boyfriend, called 911, saying he’d been shot.

“The shooter was a David Billings, also of Miami. They were ex’s, so it was a domestic situation,” stated Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson.

When officers got inside, they found Billings had fatally shot himself and the daughter he shared with Wallace, 11-year-old Kayla Billings.

Authorities say they are lending resources to the school Kayla attended.

“A tragedy like this affects other students and staff, so we have reached out to prepare students and made our staff available for any citizens we can,” said Anderson.

While Gean did not know the family, he says his heart goes out to them.

“It’s a bad thing to have happen, especially to a little girl and a woman who’s with child. Our prayers as a community go out to these people.”

Both Miller and Wallace were flown to Tulsa with gunshot wounds, but are in stable condition.

Other neighbors who know the family say they never would’ve thought that Billings would’ve been capable of doing something like this.


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