“Neighbors” app by Ring picks up popularity in Pittsburg

“Neighbors” app by Ring picks up popularity in Pittsburg
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The Pittsburg Police Department is seeing an increase in users of the “Neighbors” app by Ring, a tool that’s helping law enforcement solve crimes.

One couple hopes the app will help catch the criminals who broke into one of their homes.

On September 30, 2019, Matthew Butler’s home security system caught two criminals in action, robbing his Pittsburg home and raising concern.

“Had to go in, kinda see what was gone and notify the cops, and kind of just a complete mess,” explained Butler.

“…Do a report, insurance claims, you know with the items that were taken, it causes severe alarm as one of them was a weapon and it makes you a little bit nervous,” expressed Butler’s girlfriend, Ginger Cawley.

Cawley, quickly shared the video on the free “Neighbors” app by Ring, hoping to catch the thieves responsible for stealing spare keys, credit cards, personal items and a metal safe containing ammunition.

“More eyes on a situation is going to lead us closer to being able to find out who’s doing this,” said Cawley.

Butler’s video is one of many being submitted to the Pittsburg Police Department, and the technology is yielding results.

“There’s been several cases where it’s been the video that’s lead to a direct arrest. There’s other cases where video has been posted on there and it’s helped us identify suspects,” explained Jordan Garrison with the Pittsburg Police Dept.

Since partnering with Ring in the early spring of this year, the police department has seen an increase of shared citizen information, and authorities appreciate the ease of communication.

“Through the app, you’re able to post an alert, and it’ll ask you to type in a brief message and then you can attach a video there,” said Garrison.

Ring surveillance ranges in price, but its user-friendly features are something that this couple is looking into as they hope for an arrest in their own case.

“It gives you a good read on where everything is happening and you know to keep an eye out for different people who are perpetrating people’s property and homes,” said Cawley.

The Pittsburg Police Department plans to give away a few free Ring surveillance devices.

You can keep up with those contests by following their Facebook page.

If you have any information on the break-in at the Butler residence, please contact Pittsburg authorities.


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