NCBA World Series begins in Pittsburg

Pittsburg has hosted the NCBA World Series every season since 2015.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The NCBA World Series got started on Friday morning at Pitt State’s Al Ortolani Field.

The tournament has an 8-team field, featuring the best collegiate club baseball teams in the country.

“I think what is so great about our players is that they’re truly playing for the love of the game. They are actually paying a lot of money out of their own pockets just to play this game. None of them are on scholarship, they’re just doing it because they love baseball,” says Christian Smith, NCBA Vice President of Baseball Operations, “I think when people come out and see our games, they see the passion that our players have and that really translates. I love watching it. I love our players. If you’re able to come out, we would invite you to come out and enjoy some baseball.”

The NCBA World Series runs through the weekend in Pittsburg, with the national championship game being played on Wednesday at 7 PM.

Pittsburg has hosted the NCBA World Series every season since 2015.

We absolutely love it,” Smith says of holding the event in Pittsburg, “We love the field, the facilities. We used Jaycee Ballpark for several years, but we’ve come to Pittsburg State a few times because of weather issues. We’re treated like royalty out here. The community is great. They really rally around this event. We’ve been here since 2015, and we plan on continuing our relationship into the future.”

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