National House Cleaners Day with Two Sisters Cleaning

In honor of National House Cleaners Day, we followed Kasey Eaton to learn about the art of house cleaning.

Kasey Eaton: There’s an art to it — knowing which products to use on the counters, on the floors, and I’m still a work in progress. I know there’s ladies who have been doing it for 25-30 years which is amazing. I’ve learned little secrets and tricks of the trade from them.

Kasey: We always start in the bathrooms since it’s the least liked to do anyways. So we get those done and out of the way, and then we can move onto the more simpler things.

NAT: (Flush)

Kasey: When you’re a housecleaner going into someone’s house, you have to build that trust. You’re in their safe spot, and they’re allowing you to come in. So we build that trust with them and that’s what our goal is. We want them to know they’re safe with us here and we’re gonna take care of them the best that we can.

Kasey: So September 17th of this year has been marked as National Professional Housecleaners Day.

Kasey: The movement that I’m part of through the American Housecleaners Association is “Not just a cleaning lady.” and that sums it up right there. We’re more than just cleaning ladies, we’re part of the family, we’re there to support the family…We come in and do so much more than people actually see.

Kasey: On Tuesday morning, my crew is meeting with a local photographer, and we’re gonna have professional headshots done, and then a professional group picture done, and then that evening, my husband and I are doing a dinner for all of the employees.

Kasey: I love the reaction from the families when they see their house clean. I love being able to know I’ve been able to take stress off of a family and have allowed them to have their time back to enjoy with their children, their grandchildren, their spouse, whatever it is. So the thank you letters and the “oh my gosh my house looks so good” that’s the best part of it is when we get to hear all of that.”