Nation of Patriots Flag Tour

Nation of Patriots Flag Tour
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Veterans and their loved ones gather at the Hideout Harley Davidson in Joplin to support bikers riding across the country carrying an American flag. It’s all to raise money for a non profit veteran’s organization called the Nation of Patriots.

Bikers have a bond that unites them. And many share something else, a patriotic spirit. Making Joplin a perfect place to welcome
the Nation of Patriots Flag Tour.
Despite the heat, riders are carrying it across the nation to honor veterans.

“Regardless of the inclement weather that anybody endures carrying this flag, it gets carried” says rider and veteran Chuck Vrana.

The tour covers more than 14 thousand miles across the 48 continental states.

“It brings unity for all the veterans and raises awareness for all the veterans groups” he says.

While the bikers make their stop in Joplin, they take time to enjoy each others company and pass the flag to the next group of riders headed to Arkansas.
“It weighs heavily, I don’t know what else to say. I was filled with chills, and I still am at this point in time because of what our military does for us. It’s what makes the United States free and what keeps us free” says the general manager of Hideout Harley Davidson, Steve Lippert.

Hosting the riders in Joplin brings a sense of pride to the community.

Rider and veteran, Rick Chrisman says “Joplin is a very patriotic town. We have a lot of veterans here. We have a lot of organizations that support veterans so it’s a big honor for us”

The ride isn’t only to pay respects for veterans, but calling to the Nation of Patriots goal to raise 200 thousand dollars to fill in the gaps in the help veterans need.

“There are a lot of vets around that are homeless, that don’t get any assistance and it’s taken a lot of the government time to get them covered and get them taken care of” says Chrisman.

Hideout Harley Davidson is storing the flag for the night, but soon Old Glory will be on it’s way to it’s next adventure.

The tour began on Memorial Day and ends on September 9th in Wisconsin. The flag will be retired to a museum there.

To donate to Nation of Patriots, visit