Nate Dally today officially announced his candidacy for Jasper County


Nate Dally today officially announced his candidacy for Jasper County

Judge, Division V from the Jasper County Court House in Carthage, Missouri. Several family members, friends and campaign volunteers were in attendance during the press conference. Nate Dally is a life long resident of Jasper County and is ready to serve the people as Judge of Division V.

In his speech to the public he said, “I believe protecting this tradition of Jasper County justice is important to all of our families. It’s important to the small business owner who takes risk every day knowing there’s a judicial system that will help protect him or her from those who would aim to do them wrong. It’s important to Mom’s and Dad’s knowing our county is leading the way in Missouri in serving swift and due justice to those who inflict pain on, or who choose to hurt our children. I believe Justice is one of the most important foundations to any community leading the way in our pursuit of life, liberty and justice for all.”

Nate is excited to hit the campaign trail sharing his vision and passion with the citizens of Jasper County. Serving as Campaign Chair is Jonathan Haffner MD, Justin Baucom, Treasurer. Committee members include Kelsey Baucom, Brian and Melissa Glades, Jared and Heather Stilley, Kip and Sharon Smith, Dustin and Karleigh Perkins, Alan Bull and Knox Dunaway.

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