“This was a violent and unwarranted attack on our officers..”

"This was a violent and unwarranted attack on our officers.."
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JOPLIN, Mo. (March 9, 2022) – Joplin Police release the name of the fallen officer and suspect in Tuesday’s fatal shooting.

The shooting happened Tuesday, March 8, 2022. You can read more here: Officer and suspect dead, 2 officers in hospital after Joplin shooting.

The Joplin Police Department identified the fallen officer as Corporal Benjamin Cooper. He was a veteran officer of the Joplin Police Department who died from injuries in the line of duty on Tuesday. He started at JPD in 2003 and then transferred to a Colorado sheriff’s office. Cooper returned to Joplin in 2013. The Department promoted him to corporal in 2016. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

"This was a violent and unwarranted attack on our officers.."

Mayor Ryan Stanley ordered all city flags to be flown at half staff starting today at Noon.

Authorities are still withholding the names of the other two officers who are still in the hospital. One is in critical condition and the other is in serious but stable condition. They are still working on making contact with some of the family.

Police Chief Sloan Rowland identified the suspect as Anthony R. Felix, 40, of Joplin. Attorneys charged him in 2021 with driving violations and a charge for drug paraphernalia. He plead guilty in that case and paid a fine. In that case, court officials listed him as homeless.

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“..attack on officers.”

“This was a violent and unwarranted attack on our officers and is indicative of a rise in violence against law enforcement officers we are witnessing nationwide and it has to stop,” stated Chief Rowland.

“We are a large family at the Joplin police department, a very large extended family, and today we are hurting and we are feeling that throughout the community. I would like to thank the overwhelming support we receive from this outstanding community we call Joplin. It’s been unbelievable so far.”

“Our prayers go out to the families and friends and the coworkers of fallen officers,” says Chief Rowland.

Authorities hope to have another press release this afternoon. You can watch today’s press conference here.

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