MVP Athletics Breaks Ground on Sports Training Facility in Galena

MVP Athletics Breaks Ground on Sports Training Facility in Galena

Fathers Mark Quinn and Travis Noel tread through dirt up to the place where their new sports facility will stand.

“Entry point’s right here. You’re gonna have about a 50 x 20 ft., you’re gonna have a pro shop, concessions,” says MVP Athletics General Manager Travis Noel.

A bulldozer breaks ground on what will be the new MVP Athletics Complex. A state of the art facility that hopes to bring big city amenities to the small town of Galena.

“We’ll be using technology that nobody in the four state area that we know of is using. For instance, video pitching simulators. So when a batter is at home plate they’ll see a video of the pitcher, release the ball, the ball will come through a small hole in the screen, and they’ll be able to load and get there hit ready using video,” says MVP partner Mark Quinn.

Organizers say this place will not solely be used as a sports complex, but a place for kids and parents to learn valuable life lessons on and off the field.

“So we want to have a MVP wall where kids are celebrated for great accomplishment in school as well as great accomplishment on the field. We also want them to understand that team sports can really teach you something about life, right. So you work hard on the field you get rewarded on the field, you work hard in school, it will pay you off in big ways,” says Quinn.

The facility will have indoor and outdoor soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and two baseball fields.

The city’s existing fields will also see a facelift.

And the kids practicing out here seem to like the idea of new digs.

“It’s just gonna be cool to have the cages and stuff to have every day and just go and practice and be the best I can be,” says Joplin Baseball player Shane Noel.

“Because it gives me more opportunities to do what i love to do,” says Webb City softball player Haidyn Berry.

“I play basketball and i just can’t wait because there’s gonna be awesome courts and there are gonna be cool kids there,” says Joplin resident Nick Quinn.

All of the land was donated by the city of Galena. MVP Athletics hopes the 34,000 square foot facility will be open to the public in late May.