From Kansas to Italy: Connecting through music

Their living room is a concert venue, and Kelli and Steve Passeri have been making the most of it.

You can follow the Stelli Theater either on their website or Facebook page. 

Watch their full video with Marco here:

The Time Machine ft. Joshua Thomson, Kelli and Steve Passeri – Hit The Road Jack

🇮🇹 Questa volta non abbiamo suonato solo a casa nostra, ma siamo volati virtualmente oltreoceano a trovare dei nostri amici.Anche loro provati da questa infinita quarantena che ci ha tolto prove, palchi e pubblico, praticamente la linfa di ogni musicista, ma anche loro con una voglia di suonare che è riuscita a far sì che in questo periodo sia mancato tutto, meno che la Musica.Gustatevi questa versione di Hit The Road Jack interpretata insieme a Kelli Passeri, Steve Passeri da Pittsburg Kansas e Joshua Thomson da Austin Texas, ma soprattutto pensate all'universalità delle note, che riescono ad azzerare qualsiasi tipo di barriera linguistica. E non solo… 🇺🇸 This time we didn't just play at our home, but we flew virtually overseas to find some of our friends.They too tired by this infinite quarantine that took away practices, stages and audience: lifeblood of every musician, but they too with a great desire to play music. In this period many things were missing: not the Music!Enjoy this version of Hit The Road Jack featuring with Kelli Passeri, Steve Passeri from Pittsburg, Kansas and Joshua Thomson from Austin, Texas and think about the universality of the musical notes for which there are no language barriers. And not only…

Posted by The Time Machine on Sunday, May 10, 2020

In the Passeri house, things are safe and sound.

It’s Steve and Kelli’s musical medley of love that built the Stelli Theatre, and while they usually host shows here in their house, things have changed the past few months.

Kelli: That’s the bummer of it because the real fun thing with musicians is to get together and just gel, I mean that’s some magical stuff right there.

Yet it hasn’t stopped them from staying connected with friends around the globe.

Steve: Started over ten years ago. I wondered where my long lost relatives were in Italy, I’d been hearing about them since I was a child.

Steve eventually found a Facebook group for residents of the town in Italy he believed his family was from.  He reached out and Marco Gubbini, a resident of Italy, answered Steve’s call.

 Marco: I meet Steve passeri in 2010 when he threw a message in a bottle into the sea of the internet. Me and a friend of mine investigated, and found the whole branch of the family.

Steve made the trip to the Italian region of Umbria in 2012.  There he learned Marco shared his love of music.

Steve: It became so obvious that we had so much in common. He was a musician, he worked in radio, he had a medical technology background, a similar family.

The two kept in touch since then, especially over the past two months.

Marco: Here in Italy, we have been home since March. We left lockdown last Monday and the days are long…

So when Marco Asked Steve and Kelli to be part of a socially distant music video with his band, they happily agreed. With each band member recording their parts separately and sending it in, providing a musical outlet for all of them and bringing the world a little bit closer together.

Steve: In this period of staying home, we who love music have provided those who love music with one more opportunity.

As countries across the world begin to transition back to everyday life, Marco hopes to make the trip to the Stelli Theatre.  Until then, he plans to work on his english while Steve works on his Italian.

Steve: But one thing Marco will tell you is that there’s a language barrier, but not with music.”