Museum of Creativity tests out a community Lego Club

FORT SCOTT, Kan. – Young Lego fans have a chance to get their creations put on display in Fort Scott, Kansas.

The Museum of Creativity is testing out a Lego Club. Kids ages 10 to 18 are able to participate and build according to a theme. The top 3 builds from each weeks session will be displayed in the museum.

“Well I’m learning from them too,” said Museum of Creativity owner Lorina Bowman. “They do something I’m like, ‘aww thats a really good idea.’ And that happens when I’m teaching crafts too. Somebody will do it a certain way, and I’m like that’s really cool. We all think differently and we all create a society where we can help each other and learn and grow.”

The museum is using this session as a test to gauge community interest in the Lego Club.