Multiple fires set on Schell City mans farm, leaving extensive damage to property and equipment

A cash reward is available to anyone with information

SCHELL CITY, Mo – Barend Jones, owner of Jones Farm, woke up on Friday February 7th at 2:30 A.M. to loud pops and explosions coming from his farming property.

“When I stepped out of my porch, the black smoke was just rolling over my house and I knew immediately I was in trouble.”

He discovered multiple fires had been set under tractors, cars and farming equipment.

“If I was 30 minutes later I would have lost it all, it was 30 minutes away from having nothing, but I saved a lot of it and I’m grateful for that.”

Jones tried to put out some of the fires on his own before the Schell City Fire Department arrived.

“We got there roughly around 325, it took us about 7 to 10 minutes from when we got the call, to get the first truck out there. We took out four trucks, and I would say it took us an hour to an hour half to get the fire out” said Assistant Chief, Doug Vantellman.

Schell City Fire Department, Vernon County Sheriff’s Office and EMS were on the scene.

“When we got there, there were several pieces of equipment that he had drug outside that we had to put out individually, probably 4 or 5 outside, and the whole back corner of his shed was on fire” added Vantellman.

The damage is extensive around his whole property. Jones says he continues to find more damages and that it will put a financial strain on him and his business moving forward.

“At least $300,000, not including the building…that’s just trucks.”

He is determined to find out who is responsible, Jones has a $10,000 cash reward for anyone who has information.

“It’s just sad that whoever did this, I just don’t get it, I really don’t.”

The Missouri Fire Marshall’s office says the fires are under investigation.