Multi Agency Resource Center opened in Neosho for flood victims

Center opens month after most recent flooding

Wanda Holguin, Neosho Resident: “My home for this particular flood was not that bad. But the prior flood that we had in 20-17, I got a lot of damage.”

Neosho resident Wanda Holguin says flooding this spring made that damage to her home worse.. and figuring out how to get her insurance to cover the damage has been pretty difficult.

Holguin: “They just totally denied to help me, and it’s bad.”

She was at the Multi-Agency Resource Center set up by the American Red Cross in Neosho looking for some answers.

The center was set up to give residents a chance to talk face to face with agencies like the Missouri Department of Insurance, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and FEMA.

Several non profits were also on hand.

Julie Stolting, American Red Cross: “Maybe that mold mitigation, or maybe some fencing was knocked caught down because of the flooding. So, just asking those questions, finding those resources.”

The Newton County Emergency Manager says since flooding on June 23-rd, they’ve been hard at work getting numbers to the state for a disaster declaration — and trying to get this event off the ground.

Charla Geller, Newton County Emergency Management: “We asked for this to happen shortly after the event. Unfortunately, the Red Cross was tied up other places throughout the state, and this is the soonest they could get. If we can help one citizen, then it’s worth it.”

Stolting: “It’s usually two to four weeks after the event because you really have to see what the needs are in the community, and that’s why it can take a little bit longer.”

Holguin thinks it would have helped more people if the center was set up sooner, but is happy to see an effort now.

Holguin: “Just the fact of them being here now is tremendous.”

The resource center will set up shop at First Baptist Church in Anderson, Missouri tomorrow from one until seven.


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