Mt. Moriah light display in Carthage nearing ten years

Display started as school project gains popularity
Mt. Moriah light display in Carthage nearing ten years

Thousands of shimmering sparkling lights on display for all to see.. a sight that started with Carthage native Peter Frost.

Peter Frost, Display creator:”It originally started to get me out of writing a paper in high school. I should have just written the paper.. would have been much easier.”

That fist year, Frost only had around 10-thousand lights on display.

Fast forward almost ten years.. and the display at Mt. Moriah church has grown to see hundreds of visitors every year — coming to see more than 200-thousand lights, many of which are synchronized to four different holiday songs.

Frost:”Back when I started this, I never really thought it would keep going and going and going, I’m glad it has. Everybody seems to like it. It’s nice to see families come back every year that have kind of turned it into a family tradition.”

Daniel Osborne and his family have made helping with the display, and watching it grow, their family tradition..

Daniel Osborne, church member, volunteer:”It’s really neat because I mean Peter grew up here, and his family still goes to church here, but it’s just neat to see him still have an interest in what’s going on out here at Mt. Moriah, and trying to get more people involved.”

While it’s free to come and see the display, Frost says that people have been so generous as to give thousands of dollars over the years, most of which has been sent to missionaries in Nicaragua.”

Frost:”Without the lights, really these people wouldn’t have any reason to know it [the church] exists, so it’s nice to be able to draw people out here that might not normally come out here, or might not normally hear the Christmas story.”

A story that Frost, and everyone at the church, wants to share with everyone they can.

The display is open from 5:30 p-m until 9:30 p-m most nights until the end of the year.

And on Christmas Eve, Santa clause will be making a stop at the display.

If you’d like to learn more, follow this link.