MSSU’s Reynolds Hall Gets An Upgrade

MSSU’s Reynolds Hall Gets An Upgrade

Renovations are wrapping up at Reynolds Hall on the campus of Missouri Southern.

A project to bring the building into the 21st century.
As the second oldest building on campus…
Harrington: A lot of our labs were original labs from the time when the building was built in the mid 60s.
It was time for an upgrade.
That upgrade is being funded by the state of Missouri — to the tune of $17 million.
Students like Alec Ikerd have been ready for the changes.
Ikerd: Last semester some of the stuff was kinda hard to do with the equipment, where some of it was broken sometimes.
Now, students and faculty have access to all new, state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms, with all-new equipment — and learning spaces.
Aguirre: I love this room, i really like being in here because it’s quiet, i just think it’s nice, and i really like the new boards.
Those ‘boards’ are everywhere — classroom walls are full, and even the walls in the halls are boards for learning.
Aguirre: I think it is beneficial because you’re doing it in front of the teacher, she can correct you, and I think it’s better than writing it on paper.
Bob Harrington is the director of the physical plant, and has been a part of the renovation process since the beginning.
In the past, he says the biggest obstacle instructors had was a lack of resources, but now —
Harrington: Everybody coming back off of break a week early and it’s like, ‘ok, now I’ve got to teach class in a brand new classroom, and I’ve gotta get it setup, and, where do I have everything stored, and how am I gonna do this’, so, it’s been a real learning process for them.
Harrington says despite changes to the ‘old’ routine–
Harrington: The excitement level has been really amazing because students, faculty and everybody that’s walked through it, they see such a difference in the facility that it’s very impressive.
Harrington says things should be finished just in time for the fall semester.