MSSU Students Weigh In On Fate of Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland

MSSU Students Weigh In On Fate of Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland

Missouri Southern Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. William Delehanty says we’re in for a political showdown over Scalia’s replacement, DC US Court of Appeals Chief Judge Merrick Garland.

“You have you know a second term president who for a lot of people has been controversial in a lot of ways nominating someone who potentially has the capacity to change the majority decision making on the court. Those things and the presidential election, all of them coming together make this nomination so much more controversial,” says Dr. Delehanty.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has vowed to ignore President Obama’s pick until a new president is sworn in. And Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley just about closed the door on Garland.

Senator Grassley says “If I can meet with a dictator in Uganda, I can surely meet with a decent person in America.”

While Democrats are pushing for a quick confirmation,

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says “I am confident he’s going to get approval. Republicans cannot continue this. It won’t work

MSSU junior Tyler Coleman weighs in “I think it’s exactly what you’d expect regardless of what party is in control of the Senate.”

Sophomore Derek Jones says “In the past you’ve seen the other side kind of drag their feet as well. But I think eventually we’re going to have to say yes or no within a reasonable amount of time.”

While most consider Garland to be more of a moderate that tends to lean left, many aren’t sure what kind of justice they’d be getting at the bench.

MSSU senior Johnathan Rozell says “It really is difficult and especially replacing such a wonderful judge as Scalia and how he leaned a lot more right. He was a lot more conservative in his findings… they want to find somebody who’s more like that.”

I asked Tyler Coleman “What are some red flags that you have?”

He said “Red flags…so a conservative would probably say that Garland wanting to rehear the Heller case, they could potentially see it as the Supreme Court infringing on the second amendment.”

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says he will not support the nomination.